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A few words about Exflo

Exflo Sp. z o.o. (formerly Well Equipment International Poland Sp.z o.o.) is a Polish company founded in 2011. Initially, the company was mainly associated with the drilling and oil and gas industries, offering mainly drilling equipment and accessories, as well as flexible tanks. Currently, the company offers services and products based on specialized technical fabrics. Exflo’s offer is a combination of a creative approach to challenges received from customers, experience, cooperation with research laboratories and constructors, and the world’s best suppliers of components.

The main products of Exflo include spill containment berms to prevent uncontrolled leakage, soundproofing mats for temporary noise reduction and portable, flexible tanks. In addition, the Company specializes in the service of water transfer and storage in flexible tanks for the purpose of oil and gas exploration, noise reduction during drilling and construction works with the use of portable soundproofing mats, as well as the treatment of flexible membranes.

The main operating base of Exflo Sp. z o.o. is located in Gdynia (Poland) at Hutnicza 59 street.

Based on the experience, quality and formal requirements of our customers and its own striving to constantly improve its work, the Company has developed its own QHSE system, which is to ensure the best possible level of product and service quality, employee safety and the environment.

Polish company

Polish company

The company’s headquarters and production are located
in Gdynia.



The company was founded in 2011.



We work with laboratories
research and design engineers.

Flexible approach

Flexible approach

You cannot find a product for
myself? We will talk and create
it together!

Exflo team

Przemysław Domagalski


Karolina Formela

Operational manager

Anna Liedtke

Technical consultant

Przemysław Tesz

Marketing Manager

Natalia Jelińska

Account Manager

Łukasz Formela

Production Manager

Dariusz Dynaburski

Production Manager

Marek Liśkiewicz

Production Manager

Dawid Cichosz

Welder / Fitter

Robert Stojanowicz

Welder / Fitter

Our philosophy

For the environment

We offer safe products that help our clients protect the environment against the negative effects of the work carried out and reduce the risk of their occurrence.
We also do everything to reduce their impact on the natural environment by producing our products and services.

For client

We help our clients in the implementation of their projects and tasks. Our products and services contribute to the success of their work, so they must be as good as possible through our efforts. We cheer our clients, we act flexibly, individually, but always adhering to our rules. The customer’s thoughts about Exflo should always be positive!

For the organization

We build our workplace for self-fulfillment. We improve processes and communication. We respect suppliers, observing the agreed principles of cooperation on both sides. We avoid situations that may harm the team and the entire organization.

For myself

We take care of our safety, we avoid stressful and health-threatening situations. Make work and activities a positive experience every day.

Case studies


Challenge: Acoustic screens with a length of 500 m

Product: Exnoiser soundproofing mats

In order to reduce the noise level in the vicinity of the borehole, we created acoustic screens 6 meters high and 500 meters long. The limits of the power of sound waves are “guarded” by over 1,200 sound-absorbing mats, made in two colors.

Challenge: A water base in the middle of the forest

Product: Water tanks

One of the deepest boreholes in Poland at that time took place near the town of Dukla. The working site was over 400m above sea level, surrounded by a forest, with no access to any infrastructure. Exflo participated in 2 drilling projects.

Challenge: Collection of 1,400 m3 of water

Product: Open tank "Modular"

Creation of an open modular tank with a capacity of 1400 m3 and dimensions of 39.90 x 29.26 x 1.20m. The modular open tank technology allows for almost unlimited changes in the length and width of the tank.
State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw

Challenge: Protection of the barge from the 15th century

Product: Spill containment berms on request

The huge Vistula barge (larger than the ship of Columbus himself) from the 15th century is the last Polish archaeological sensation. Its fragments will be preserved in a special, heated spill containment bem provided by us.

Challenge: Mobile water base with a capacity 3000 m³

Product: Flexible water tank (rental)

In 2015, our company created the largest in Poland, temporary water base in flexible tanks. We placed fifteen of our pillow tanks on the drilling site, each with a capacity of 200 m3, for a total of 3000 m3.

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