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UAN flexible tanks

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The Exflo “Farmer type U” tank facilitates the safe storage of mineral liquid fertilizers such as UAN. The use of a special, durable material and production technology allows the Exflo Farmer UAN flexible tank to be set up on almost any level ground.

Over 10 years of tank life makes its purchase a great investment. The quick assembly and delivery of the Exflo tank will help to create a warehouse for liquid mineral fertilizer, even within a few days of ordering. An Exflo service can come and help you set up the tank for the first time.

As specialists in environmental protection and substance storage, we recommend placing the tank in an additional membrane. We have prepared an attractive price for such a set, so that the investment in safety does not have to be expensive.

Advantages – tanks for UAN / ASL

Product dedicated to the agricultural industry: Liquid fertilizer tanks (UAN) have been designed to be able to store specific liquid fertilizers, such as UAN, which are used in agriculture.
10-year warranty: The tanks are covered by a 10-year warranty.
Resistance to UV radiation: The PVC fabric is protected with a special varnish, which extends its life during exposure to UV radiation.
Cold resistance: The tanks are resistant to negative temperatures: down to -30 ° C.
Safe technology: A special and resistant membrane allows for tight storage of liquid fertilizers in accordance with the requirements of Council Directive 91/676 / EEC of 12 December 1991 (the so-called "Nitrates Directive").
No construction work required: The Exflo flexible tank mainly requires a flat and level surface. It can be spread over grass, concrete slabs or sand bed. It is not permanently connected to the ground.
Installation up to 30 minutes: After receiving the tank, simply unfold it to each side and easily mount the connections. After 30 minutes, the tank will be ready for filling!
HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company and the tanks are manufactured by us in Gdynia.
Durable fabric: A special technical fabric with polyester mesh and PVC compound coating provides the necessary strength.
Custom-made tank: In addition to the standard capacities, we offer custom-made tanks - to fit where you need it most. Individual pricing is free of charge.

Technical data

  • The standard capacity of Exflo flexible tanks for nitrate fertilization is from 20 to 265 m³.
  • Material: Polyester fabric, PVC coated on both sides and lacquered, UV resistant finish; cadmium free. Weight: 1300g / sqm. Tensile strength: 4400N / 5cm
  • Chemical resistance: Suitable for the storage of liquid fertilizers with a pH value of 3-10 with an alcohol content of <4%;
  • Air vent with the possibility of connecting to the filling: thread 2″
  • Filling-draw-off connection: 3-inch threaded. 1 piece as standard. Possibility to install additional connections almost anywhere in the tank.
  • Suction and pressure line – as an accessory
  • Optionally – a collecting membrane as a second tank jacket.
  • Resistant to UV and weather conditions, covered by a 7-year warranty

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The tank equipment includes:

  • For tanks with a capacity of less than 100m³ – Filling-emptying: 1 pc. 3 ″ threaded flange connection (GW) with a ball valve (+ stem 75 or camlock 3 ″ for choice);
  • For tanks with a capacity equal to or greater than 100m³ – Filling-emptying: 1 pc: 3 ″ threaded flange connection (GW) with a ball valve (+ storz 75 or camlock 3 ″ to choose from – a separate item on offer); Top filling 1 pc: threaded flange connection with a 3 ″ elbow ended in Storz 75 or a camlock m 3 ″);
  • Air vent on the top of the tank DN50


Capacity (m³) Fertilizer in tons Dimensions (l x w) Net price
20 26,40 8,78 x 4,25 m. 2 306 €
25 33,00 8,78 x 5,00 m. 2 516 €
30 39,60 8,78 x 5,80 m. 2 739 €
50 66,00 8,78 x 8,00 m 3 350 €
60 79,20 8,78 x 8,30 m. 3 439 €
75 99,00 11,75 x 8,25 m. 4 197 €
100 132,00 11,75 x 9,75 m. 5 027 €
155 204,60 14,71 x 11,00 m. 6 525 €
200 264,00 17,67 x 11,70 m. 7 964 €
265 349,80 17,67 x 15,00 m. 9 928 €

Customized flexible tank

We can make tanks for liquid fertilizers (including UAN) to size. Below is an example of one of the latest implementations. UAN tank with a capacity of over 200m³, which is located inside the utility room.

Customized tanks