Process water base in the middle of the forest, over 400 m above sea level

Dukla - zbiorniki na wodę

One of the deepest boreholes in Poland at that time took place near the Subcarpathian town of Dukla. The working site was located over 400m above sea level, surrounded by a forest, with no access to any infrastructure, except for paved, unpaved access roads.

Exflo has participated in two projects related to the “Dukla” wells. In the first one, we provided mobile pillow tanks (four with a capacity of 200m³ each). In the second, our scope of responsibility was extended to ensure water supply, its storage and transfer with an expenditure of not less than 11m³ / min.

Our tanks, delivered by one car (the so-called “solo”), were placed in a place without water supply infrastructure. Exflo “cushions” were fed with water delivered by barrel wagons to create a buffer of process water.

This is another example, how flexible reservoir technology can be useful in places with limited access to large water resources.

Water tank

Water tank

Realization dates: July 2014, July 2019