Emergency cooling tank for 1,400 m³ of water

Zbiornik otwarty tymczasowy exflo modular tank

During the planned works carried out at the Dębica borehole, there was a high probability of having to collect hot water from it (about 70-80 degrees C). In order to be processed further, the water had to be collected and cooled.

To this end, Exflo was invited to present its solution. Our proposed, open tank with a modular structure, lined with a waterproof membrane made of technical fabric, was to ensure the reception of excess and hot water.

Zbiornik modułowy

Finally, at the working site in Dębica, Exflo provided an open modular tank with a capacity of 1400 m3 and dimensions of 39.90 x 29.26 x 1.20m. The tank was assembled in 4 working days.

The aforementioned reservoir was rented by us – which from the investor’s point of view is beneficial for the financing of the project and costs.

The technology of the open modular tank with a waterproof membrane allows for almost unlimited changes in the length and width of the tank. It is also possible to change the filling height to 1.80 m.

Implementation: December 2019 – January 2020