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Mata do mycia samochodu
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Car wash mats

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Environmental regulations require that you have an appropriate installation to drain the water contaminated with detergents, created during car washing. An alternative solution may be a leak-proof drip mat, which will prevent contamination from getting into the ground and sewage system.

The Exflo mat prevents spilling of water with detergents and makes it easier to collect it in appropriate containers. It will also work well in the garage to reduce the spread of mud and snow. To increase protection against mechanical damage, the mat can be equipped with additional overrun belts.

The bathtub is made of a three-layer technical fabric, varnished, covered with PVC. The basic color is black, but the color and size can be modified on special request.

  • 6.00 m x 3.30 m x 10 cm
  • 8.00 m x 4.00 m x 10 cm
  • 15.00 m x 4.00 m x 10 cm
Material: 900g / m² PVC fabric
Additional equipment: a set of two overrun belts (PVC 650g)

Advantages – Car washing mats

Inflatable mat walls facilitate the entry and exit of the vehicle. They are equipped with an additional safety valve that will release excess air blown.
The wastewater generated during washing can be selected with an industrial vacuum cleaner and then poured into a suitable container.
Assembly takes only few minutes
After folding, the product has little space.
The mat fits into a cardboard box and can be transported quickly and easily.
HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Custom-made product: We offer the preparation of custom-made vehicle washing mats - so that they fit where you need them most. Individual pricing is free of charge.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company that produces, among others sump tubs.
Durable fabric: A special technical fabric with a polyester mesh provides the necessary strength of the product.


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Car wash mat


Prices for car wash mats.

Car wash mat Weight Net price
1. 6 m x 3,3 m 23 kg 622 €
2. 8 m x 4,0 m 36 kg 882 €

Prices of overrun lanes (additional mat protection).

A set of two inrun lanes Weight Netprice
1. each 50 cm x 6 m wide 4 € 44 €
2. each 50 cm x 8 m wide 4 € 58 €