Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 1
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 3
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 2
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 4
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 1
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 3
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 2
Maty dźwiękochłonne Exnoiser 4

Portable sound absorbing mats

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Construction works are accompanied by the inherent problem of noise, i.e. sounds that may adversely affect our health. Spatially propagating sound waves are vibrations of air molecules, and by changing their density, a pressure difference is created. Very loud noises, i.e. large pressure differences, can damage hearing and other organs in the human body. Therefore, it is important to prevent and reduce noise wherever it can be a threat. Effective tools to reduce the impact of noise are acoustic screens and sound-absorbing mats.

Advantages – Soundproof mats

Up to 25 dB reduction: Exnoiser mats sound absorbing screens reduce the noise level by up to 25 dB.
Weather resistance: Waterproof and durable coating resistant to wind, rain and snow.
Quick installation: The simple installation allows the screens to be set up in a few hours.
Effectiveness confirmed by tests: Confirmed by tests performed by the Vibroacoustic Research Laboratory of Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A.
Modular joining: The screens can be joined together horizontally and vertically.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company that produces, among others Exnoiser mobile soundproofing mats.
Durable fabric: A special technical fabric with a polyester mesh provides the necessary strength of the product.

Permissible noise levels on the construction site

The Ordinance of the Minister of Environment of June 14, 2007 on permissible noise levels in the environment ”describes all the necessary noise protection regulations for individual areas.

  • Accordingly, for a single-family residential zone, the maximum decibel values are (day / night time) 50/40 dB
  • In the multi-family housing and collective housing zones, these are 55 / 45 dB
  • In the downtown area of cities with more than 100,000 residents, noise levels with values are allowed55 / 45 dB

The eight most unfavorable consecutive hours shall be taken into account when measuring noise. When these values are exceeded, noise barriers come in handy. Thanks to the use of properly arranged noise barriers, regulations can be complied with, it becomes possible to carry out construction works in built-up areas, and people can avoid damage to health and function in peace.

Portable sound absorbing mats

Noise reduction up to 25dB

Exnoiser R25 can reduce noise to a maximum of 25 dB in a single layer. Sound-absorbing mats obtained the result in a study carried out by accredited Vibroacoustic Testing Laboratory of Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. Exflo created Exnoiser mats to effectively reduce noise, especially in outdoor conditions and constantly exposed to atmospheric agents. The dimensions and arrangement of the mounting holes allow for multiple and modular combinations of them and the construction of safe, large-area acoustic screens based on any structure. Depending on the screening height requirements, these mats can be mounted on openwork fences, scaffolding and other structures of the appropriate size. It is equally important to fully adapt to the local wind zone.

Exnoiser Mat – Specifications

  • Dimensions – 2,05 m x 1,20 m
  • Dimensions in the connection axes 2.00 m x 1.05 m
  • Weight– 14,8 kg
    Portable acoustic screens

    Acoustic properties – results confirmed by tests

    The acoustic properties of the Exnoiser R25 mats have been confirmed by the test report No. RS-2018 / B-268 of 11.07.2018, made by the Vibroacoustic Research Laboratory of Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. (acoustic insulation and standardized difference in sound pressure according to PN-EN ISO 10140-2: 2011, PCA AB1241 accreditation).

    Indicator Refers to Index norm Indicator value
    Rw proper acoustic insulation index PN-EN ISO 717-1:2013 22 (-1; -3) dB
    Dw normalized sound pressure difference PN-EN ISO 717-1:2013 25 (-1; -4) dB
      Acoustic research results

      Acoustic research results

      The nature of the propagation of sound waves determines the arrangement of noise barriers – they should be located as close to the sound source as possible. It is worth remembering about the 45⁰ angle rule, i.e. that it should be in the source position – screen height, source – screen edge. It should also be taken into account that engines and aggregates generate heat during operation, and the maximum operating temperature of Exnoiser R25 soundproofing mats is 70C⁰. Exceeding this value will result in irreversible damage. For the best noise reduction effect, it is recommended to use a professional acoustic analysis in which the location and exact parameters of the screen will be determined.

      Installation of acoustic screens

      During assembly, special attention should be paid to a few more important details. First of all, fixing each Exnoiser mat in the appropriate number of mounting points (most often with strong cable ties) and preferably on a solidly anchored retaining structure for which wind pressure is provided. In addition, sound-absorbing mats should never rub against angular elements of the structure under the influence of wind. This will prevent them from tearing.

      Montaż ekranów dźwiękochłonnych

      Installation of noise barriers


      The price of the Exnoiser R25 mat is EUR 236 net. However, the price of the acoustic screen (Exnoiser R25 mat + construction) is priced individually.

      Exnoiser No. Net
      1. 1 pc. 236 EUR
      2. More than 30 pcs. 213 EUR

      When placing an order, you can also take advantage of full comprehensive noise management, which includes:

      • acoustic analysis
      • assembly and disassembly of the structure

      The possibility of renting

      We offer the possibility of renting sump tubs. We realize that in many cases, especially with a changing number of projects, it is more advantageous to use such a service. The rental can be short-term or long-term. For longer rental periods, we offer the possibility of making a tailor-made sump. We invite you to check the details on the subpage – Leasing of spill baths.