Protection of the barge from the 15th century

Spill containment berm for the State Archaeological Museum

The huge Vistula boat from the 15th century is a Polish archaeological sensation from 2018. The ship found near Czersk is a gigantic transport unit, dating from 1481. To emphasize how huge the object is, experts explain that the boat sailed on the Vistula already in the times of Christopher Columbus and was larger than the ships on which the discoverer sailed across the Atlantic to America.

In order to be excavated, the barge waited for the creation of a special place for the conservation of its elements. The State Archaeological Museum asked Exflo to create special bathtubs as part of the expansion of its new workshop, which ensures safe storage of wooden elements of the barge.

We have prepared a proposal of swimming pools – bathtubs, on a special steel structure, on which a waterproof and strong membrane was placed, also resistant to chemical additives used in wood preservation processes.

Finally, in October 2018, we delivered the aforementioned bathtubs – swimming pools. Some of them were equipped with electric mats that heated the accumulated water with additives.

Spill containment berm for PMA

Spill containment berm for PMA