Temporary acoustic screen with a length of 500 meters

Ekrany dźwiękochłonne Miłosław

The “Miłosław” borehole square is located near residential buildings, next to the village of the same name. This meant that the investor, when designing the impact of his activities on the environment, would have to take into account solutions aimed at reducing the noise generated by the drilling site.

The company that won the tender procedure announced by PGNiG chose the technology of Exnoiser acoustic mats mounted on a structure made of scaffolding.

After prior consultations and design works, site preparation and placement of concrete slabs serving as ballast, a screen was erected. The final structure is 500 meters long and 6 meters high in total. The limits of the sound wave power are “guarded” by more than 1,200 Exnoiser sound-absorbing mats, made in two colors. The division into colors: gray and green, allows for the optical differentiation of the origin of the mats, because the green ones are the property of Exflo and the gray ones are the customer who fulfills the orders for the Investor.

The contractor took nearly three weeks to assemble the structure and mats.

The erected, temporary acoustic screen using Exnoiser mats from Exflo is one of the greatest noise reduction achievements in this part of Europe. Usually, investments of this type allow the reduction of the noise level from 17 to 22 dB.