Flexible tanks

Flexible tanks are a modern and proven technology for storing water, liquid fertilizers, rainwater, liquid manure and many other substances.

Zbiorniki elastyczne

Spill containment berms

Spill containment berms with high chemical resistance that protect against uncontrolled leakage.

Sound absorbing mats

Mobile soundproofing mats that will help reduce noise in the field.

Mobilne maty dźwiękochłonne

Flood barriers

Effective protection against flooding – create a mobile anti-flood embankment in several dozen minutes.

Mobilna zapora przeciwpowodziowa


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Meet Exflo

Exflo is a Polish company founded in 2011.
Currently, the company offers services and manufactured products
based on specialized technical fabrics.

The main products of Exflo include sumps to prevent uncontrolled leakage, soundproofing mats for temporary noise reduction and portable, flexible tanks. Moreover, the company specializes in transfer services and water storage in flexible tanks for oil and gas exploration, noise reduction in drilling and construction with portable soundproofing mats, as well as the treatment of flexible membranes.

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Case Studies


Challenge: Acoustic screens with a length of 500 m

Product: Exnoiser soundproofing mats

In order to reduce the noise level in the vicinity of the borehole, we created acoustic screens 6 meters high and 500 meters long. The limits of the power of sound waves are “guarded” by over 1,200 sound-absorbing mats, made in two colors.

Challenge: A water base in the middle of the forest

Product: Water tanks

One of the deepest boreholes in Poland at that time took place near the town of Dukla. The working site was over 400m above sea level, surrounded by a forest, with no access to any infrastructure. Exflo participated in 2 drilling projects.

Challenge: Collection of 1,400 m3 of water

Product: Open tank "Modular"

Creation of an open modular tank with a capacity of 1400 m3 and dimensions of 39.90 x 29.26 x 1.20m. The modular open tank technology allows for almost unlimited changes in the length and width of the tank.
State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw

Challenge: Protection of the barge from the 15th century

Product: Spill containment berms on request

The huge Vistula barge (larger than the ship of Columbus himself) from the 15th century is the last Polish archaeological sensation. Its fragments will be preserved in a special, heated spill containment bem provided by us.

Challenge: Mobile water base with a capacity 3000 m³

Product: Flexible water tank (rental)

In 2015, our company created the largest in Poland, temporary water base in flexible tanks. We placed fifteen of our pillow tanks on the drilling site, each with a capacity of 200 m3, for a total of 3000 m3.


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PVC, EVA, or maybe TPU? Learn about the differences in the construction of spill containment berms

Aluminum, black steel, acid-resistant steel. Each of these metals has different properties, a degree of corrosion resistance, and therefore a price. The situation is similar with plastics, and in the case of a “flexible” spill containment berm – with a technical fabric coating. Find out what are the main types of technical fabrics used in […]

Exflo wins the Grand Prize for its fire tank at the Fire Security Expo in Warsaw

The Fire Security Expo conference at PGE Narodowy is already behind us! We would like to warmly thank everyone who visited our stand! We are extremely proud that our product was awarded in the main category as the BEST PRODUCT! Thank you very much for this distinction!

Exflooder: From Idea to Application – Improving Flood Barriers

Flood barriers adapted to real challenges: Follow our journey from transforming beliefs to putting them into practice. The article shows how we combined the requirements of three unique regions in Poland to create effective circular flood barriers.

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