Fuel flexible tank
Fuel flexible tank
Fuel tank - connection
Fuel tank - inspection hatch
Fuel flexible tank
Fuel flexible tank
Fuel tank - connection
Fuel tank - inspection hatch

Flexible fuel tanks

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Exflo Fuelbase tank allows to quickly respond to plant breakdowns or urgencies to create an internal liquid fuel storage facility. The Fuelbase solution enables temporary storage of diesel fuel, petrols as well as aviation fuels type JP-8 or Jet A-1, and also marine fuel type F (NATO F-75). Its design ensures quick installation. The Fuelbase tank should be embedded in a dedicated, specially designed and flexible sump tray which will serve as a second jacket. Exflo delivers systemic solutions, designed based on requirements of MIL-T-52983G, MIL-PRF-32233C standards and adjusted to end user’s requirements.

Exflo tanks from Fuelbase series are made of technical polyurethane (TPU) coated fabrics dedicated to liquid fuels and to meet the requirements of international standards. Specially designed shape, without any internally reinforced and screwed corners, eliminates potential of minor leakages occurring in the whole industry for dozens of years. Additional external brackets in the jacket of the tank facilitate its installation and removal, while robust flange connections allow to efficiently fill and drain the tank. The basic colour scheme of tanks is “tan” – a pale shade of brown, however on a customer’s request it can be changed. Exflo Fuelbase tanks are manufactured only to order for civilian or military market.

Advantages – Flexible fuel tanks

Dedicated to fuels: Flexible, tight and mobile tank made of special components meeting requirements of standards such as: MIL-T-52983G, MIL-PRF-32233C.
No construction work required: The Exflo flexible tank mainly requires a flat and level surface. It can be spread over grass, concrete slabs or sand bed. It is not permanently connected to the ground.
Assembly up to 30 minutes: After receiving the tank, simply unfold it to each side and easily mount the connections. After 30 minutes, the tank will be ready for filling!
Resistance to UV radiation: The PVC fabric is protected with a special varnish, which extends its life during exposure to UV radiation.
Easy to transport: The tank can be easily and quickly moved
Cold resistance: The tanks are resistant to negative temperatures: down to -30 ° C.
Custom-made tank: In addition to the standard capacities, we offer tailor-made tanks to fit where you need it most. Individual pricing is free of charge.
HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Comprehensive solutions: We offer full sets of additional equipment for the tank (including spill containment berms), prepared in special transport boxes and covers.
2-year warranty
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company and the tanks are manufactured by us in Gdynia.

Construction of flexible fuel tank

  1. Connection DN80 (3”) fitted with elbow 90, terminated with Camlock 3” (m) fitting
  2. Connection DN50 (2”) with vapour exhaust system + Inspection hatch DN150
  3. Plating – jacket of the tank
  4. Manufacturer’s marking, identification plate
  5. Mounting brackets
  6. Additional drain connection DN50 (2”), plugged”
Fuel flexible tank - equipment

Price list

To create an offer, please contact our technical advisors (Contact).