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Spill containment berm

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Hazardous substances stored and used in production or service processes may pose a significant threat not only to the environment, but also to people. Uncontrolled leakage from a pallet container or a barrel can contaminate the ground and cause an accident at work, e.g. an employee burns with acid or slips and breaks a limb. In order to minimize this risk, appropriately selected spill containment berm are used.

What are spill containment berms?

Spill containment berms are installations that collect substances coming out of leaky containers or barrels. They are used to protect surfaces and grounds against contamination, and also reduce the risk of accidents for people in close proximity to the stored materials.

Spill containment berms prevent the spread of potentially hazardous chemicals. They act as a barrier that stops liquid material from entering the external environment.

The berm is a tank made of durable and impermeable materials – Polish manufacturers offer on the market e.g. steel sump tubs as well as those made of special multi-layer, flexible and lightweight fabrics. Containers, barrels or canisters filled with liquid substances are placed inside the tank in case of leakage and uncontrolled leakage.

Advantages – Spill containment berms

The main advantage of spill containment berms is that they are an effective barrier protecting the environment from harmful substances. They minimize the risk of water and land contamination and increase the safety of people working in industries using chemical materials.
The most important advantages of spill containment berms are:

High chemical resistance: Special material resistant to most hazardous substances, e.g. engine oil or hydrochloric acid. Details of the resistance can be found in the resistance table at the bottom of the page.
Access possible with a forklift: Sump trays allow smaller vehicles to enter freely for unloading.
Installation in minutes: Simply unfold the product and place the wall brackets in the appropriate pockets.
HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Custom-made product: We offer custom-made bathtubs - so that they fit where you need them most. Individual pricing is free of charge.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company that produces, among others sump tubs.
Durable fabric: A special technical fabric with a polyester mesh provides the necessary strength of the product.

What to look for when choosing spill containment berms?

When choosing a product, pay attention to:

  • capacity and volume of the berm;
  • strength parameters of the spill containment berm;
  • resistance to individual substances;
  • resistance of the berm to external conditions;
  • availability of spare parts;
  • manufacturer’s warranty;
  • price.

What types of spill containment berms can you order at EXFLO?

In our e-shop there are spill containment berms adapted to various containers – for barrels and IBC containers with a capacity of 1000 l. We also have berms for tankers or trucks.

In addition, we have the option of making a spill containment berm to size. All you need to do is fill out the form ⇒ Custom-sized spill containment berms.

Use of spill containment berms

The use of berms can be found in virtually every industry where harmful substances are used for production. From metalworking to plastics processing.

Spill contaiment berms have become an important part of protective measures in places where harmful substances are released into the environment. They are especially important for toxic or flammable liquids.

Spill berms are suitable for e.g. in industry:

  • automotive and aviation
  • metallurgy
  • waste management
  • chemical
  • energy
  • pharmaceutical
  • stationery
  • textile
  • food

Berm models

Spill containment berm Plus Exflo manufacturer
EFB Standard (Plus version)
Spill containment berm made of high-quality technical fabric (covered with EVA material – 1365 g/m²). Very durable with a wide range of chemical resistance.
Spill containment berm Starter Exflo manufacturer
EFB Standard (Starter version)
Spill containment berm in the basic version, made of multi-layer technical fabric (PVC-coated polyester – 900g/m²). Economical and light, intended for short-term contact with chemical substances.
Low, small spill containment berm
EFB Mini
Low spill containment berm for small containers,
to be placed on a shelf or on a shelf.

Spill containment berm


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In our e-shop there are spill containment berms adapted to various containers – for barrels and IBC containers with a capacity of 1000 l. We also have secondary containment berm for tank trucks or trucks. In addition, we have the option of making a containment berm to size.

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Use of spill containment berms

Tailored spill containment berm
to the room

Spill containment for barrels

Possible entry and exit with a stroller
forklift truck

Wall reinforcement brackets

Technical parameters and resistance to selected substances

Below we present the tables for two versions of our product (basic “STARTER” and “PLUS”, ie the stronger one). The chemical resistance table applies equally to two types of membranes. The list of chemical compounds and the time of their contact with the membrane of the EFB sump is extensive. If you do not find the desired substance in the basic table, please contact us.

STARTER version
PLUS version
Undenatured ethanol
Glycol 100%
Isopropanol 100%
Battery acid
Oleic acid
Hydrochloric acid 10%
Hydrochloric acid 32%
Paraffin oil
Engine oil
Water glycol solution
Aqueous calcium chloride

A detailed list of the resistance of the “Plus” version of the containment berms to selected substances can be found in the file ⇒RESISTANCE FOR PLUS VERSION

Watch video – spill containment berm montage

How much do spill containment berms cost? Price

Check our prices below. If you’re interested in a custom-made spill containment berm, write to us at contact@exflo.eu.

Product Dimensions (W x H x D) Capacity (l) STARTER
Net price
Net price
1 Drum Spill Containment Berm
1,05 x 0,65 x 0,35 m 226 l 242 € 325 €
2 Drum Spill Containment Berm
1,90 x 0,65 x 0,35 m 410 l 354 € 430 €
4 Drum Spill Containment Berm
2,90 x 1,07 x 0,14 m 412 l 359 € 417 €
1 IBC Spill containment berm
1,60 x 2,16 x 0,35 m 1 149 l 519 € 632 €
2 IBC Spill containment berm
2,50 x 2,16 x 0,35 m 1 795 l 626 € 823 €
3 IBC Spill containment berm 3,69 x 1,75 x 0,35 m 2 147 l 782 € 953 €
4 IBC Spill containment berm
5,20 x 1,40 x 0,35 m 2 420 l 925 € 1124 €
6 IBC Spill containment berm 2,95 x 3,69 x 0,35 m 3 619 l 898 € 1126 €
10 IBC Spill containment berm
5,95 x 2,95 x 0,35 m 5 836 l 1222 € 1557 €
Generator Spill Containment Berm 2,91 x 1,50 x 0,35 m 1 451 l 659 € 793 €
Generator Spill Containment Berm 5,20 x 2,00 x 0,35 m 3 458 l 1000 € 1239 €
Tanker truck spill containment berm 9,50 x 3,69 x 0,35 m 11 655 l 1821 € 2763 €
Long road tanker 15,20 x 3,69 x 0,35 m 18 649 l 3112 € 4021 €
Truck spill containment berm

18,40 x 3,69 x 0,35 m 22 575 l 3644 € 4908 €

The possibility of renting

We offer the possibility of renting sump tubs. We realize that in many cases, especially with a changing number of projects, it is more advantageous to use such a service. The rental can be short-term or long-term. For longer rental periods, we offer the possibility of making a tailor-made sump. We invite you to check the details on the subpage – Leasing of spill baths.